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Financial Market News

Global Economic News from the Financial Times

  1. Japan trade deficit grows in October as imports jump
  2. Chinese group to spend $2bn on ex-US Philippines outpost
    Clark Air Base development is latest sign of Rodrigo Duterte’s tilt towards Beijing
  3. US-China tension laid bare at Asian economic summit
    Xi and Pence spar over trade and security at Apec with G20 looming
  4. Market pressure will not save the Brexit deal
    There is a striking gap between analysis of investors and that of political commentators
  5. India’s tea growers scalded as US sanctions hit Iran
    Traders and producers struggle as campaign against Tehran sees exports and prices fall
  6. Counting down to tango time
    Mike Mackenzie’s daily analysis of what’s moving global markets
  7. Transatlantic relations take an indecorous turn
    Trump misses a chance to stand tall in Europe and appears small
  8. Snap AV: soyabean saga
    Since the trade war, a gutted industry.
  9. Chinese smartphone screen maker hit by workers’ protests
    Biel Crystal said to have laid off thousands of factory workers due to fewer orders
  10. Weidmann says ECB’s crisis-era tools may need to be scrapped

Financial Market News from the Financial Times

  1. Big Issue works with fund managers on impact investing push
    Standard Life Aberdeen and Columbia Threadneedle products sold on blockchain-powered platform
  2. Fast Asia Open: Thailand GDP, Japan trade data
  3. Japan and S Korea battle China for future of EVs
    Toyota leads ‘solid state’ push, but next-generation batteries still a decade away
  4. Japan’s biggest overseas M&A a sign of things to come
    Takeda could be just the first of many looking for growth through acquisitions abroad
  5. US national security rules to hit China investors
    Government will review small minority stakes in sensitive technologies
  6. Bitcoin’s repeated splits undermine its value
    More than $600bn in cryptocurrency ‘market capitalisation’ has evaporated this year
  7. Trump suggests Khashoggi killing may never be solved
    President’s comments come after reports CIA concluded crown prince gave the order
  8. Market pressure will not save the Brexit deal
    There is a striking gap between analysis of investors and that of political commentators
  9. Russian oil groups hit sweet spot as profits surge
    Companies awash with cash, but falling crude price means good times may not last
  10. Global bond and equity markets shrink $5tn in 2018
    Rare parallel declines in capital markets could result in biggest contraction post financial crisis