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Financial Market News

Global Economic News from the Financial Times

  1. Gove promises farmers safeguards in no-deal Brexit
    Pledges aim to calm fears over impact on food standards and import and export tariffs
  2. Why markets should get set for “QE4”
    World’s financial system has become dependent on huge central bank balance sheets
  3. Honda closure may not be about Brexit, but it is about Brexports
    Politicians knew Japanese carmakers were in talks to make tariff-free EU trade possible
  4. We need to talk about Bunds
    A shortage of safe assets in the eurozone is creating market distortions
  5. China’s rate-cut pushers on a hiding to nothing
    Lowering policy rates to address the economy’s woes could do more harm than good
  6. EU threatens retaliation if US imposes punitive car tariffs
    European Commission to ‘react in a swift and adequate manner’ to any levies
  7. Kashmir attack revives India-China tensions
    Beijing accused of protecting man allegedly behind latest suicide bomb and previous lethal acts
  8. EM investors should make hay while the sun shines
    Risks cannot be discounted but, for now, EMs are in a sweet spot
  9. CRRC/trade war: Chinese bogie man
    US tariffs will hit earnings of train maker but only modestly
  10. Europe ponders new tools against unfair trade
    Creation of European champions risks creating a permanent state of warfare

Financial Market News from the Financial Times

  1. Why markets should get set for “QE4”
    World’s financial system has become dependent on huge central bank balance sheets
  2. Fast Asia Open: RBA minutes, HSBC earnings
  3. Calm currency markets at odds with conventional wisdom
    Volatility nears historic low as investors assume liquidity will remain plentiful
  4. Satellite group Inmarsat gets a boost from bid speculation
    Plus500 falls further as Odey AM eyes contracts-for-difference broker
  5. Chinese police launch dragnet for peer-to-peer lenders
    Operation ‘Fox Hunt’ involves 62 people in countries including Cambodia and Thailand
  6. Oil prices hit three-month high on trade deal optimism
    Rally is tempting money managers to make more bullish bets on crude
  7. Brexit/derivatives trading: walk this way
    EU regulators say the UK can function as an equivalent European market — but that could change
  8. Poland pulls out of central European summit with Israel
    Warsaw withdraws as diplomatic row escalates over the Holocaust
  9. Wirecard/short selling: the naked civil servant
    If the payments services group requires protection, why not others?
  10. Norwegian Air’s top bosses sell rights to buy shares
    Company denies chairman and chief executive lack faith in its turnround