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Financial Market News

Global Economic News from the Financial Times

  1. UK expected to raise interest rates after inflation hits 3%
    Monetary Policy Committee members signal willingness to take action
  2. Xi Jinping consolidates his power in China
    As the Chinese leader tightens his grip, serious economic questions remain
  3. Guest post: Talking to Germans
  4. OECD report highlights need for transition agreement – Hammond
  5. Britain is the party holding Brexit talks back
    Negotiations have still not moved on to discussing a post-Brexit transition period
  6. Uber, Lyft, take heart from fellow disrupters and gig responsibly
    Will customers pay extra for pizza deliveries and car trips?
  7. Germany’s FDP tells Merkel to give up finance post in coalition
    Party leader rejects Macron reforms and suggests push in Eurosceptic direction
  8. Tenreyro highlights EM crisis experience for BoE role
  9. Hassett’s flawed analysis of the Trump tax plan
  10. Close to a peak? Reactions to UK inflation figures