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Financial Market News

Global Economic News from the Financial Times

  1. German Mittelstand faces generational crisis
    About 100,000 entrepreneurs due to retire in next 2 years yet to find successors
  2. Thailand exports up 10.3%, beating estimates
  3. Fitch affirms China A+ rating, notes caution on US trade tensions
  4. Steven Mnuchin rejects accusations of US protectionism
    G20 finance chiefs at annual meeting call for further dialogue and action
  5. Obrador to appoint ‘one of Mexico’s best economists’ to head Nafta talks
  6. Economics failed us before the global crisis
    Analysis of macroeconomic theory suggests substantial ignorance of how economies work
  7. What to look for at the Fed meeting
    Jay Powell expected to preside over his first interest rate increase as chair
  8. Trade war fears shake confidence of money managers
    Nervousness over protectionism emerges as asset managers worry global economy is slowing
  9. We need an economics of belonging
    Liberal openness must fight radicalism with radicalism
  10. China state-media editor vows soyabean retaliation

Financial Market News from the Financial Times

  1. Facebook plunge leaves valuation at cheapest since IPO
    One-year forward P/E ratio plumbs lowest level since social media giant listed in 2012
  2. Emerging market equity funds make record start to year
    Active fund managers grab half of inflows as ETFs lose their iron grip
  3. Fintech vulnerable to dishonesty and corruption, warns senior British judge
    Digital advances have potential to make ‘frauds of yesteryear look modest’
  4. Fitch affirms China A+ rating, notes caution on US trade tensions
  5. Hong Kong equities higher despite caution ahead of Fed meeting
  6. Amazon elbows Alphabet aside as second most valuable company
    Year-long surge has added about $350bn to retailer’s stock market value
  7. A Constellation bankruptcy... featuring a grand jury
  8. Fast Asia Open: Thailand trade data
  9. China’s Hollywood dreams still beguile investors
    Forecasts for entertainment consumption in China are dazzling, but picking companies is tougher
  10. Wall Street recovers, yields rise on eve of Fed meeting