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Financial Market News

Global Economic News from the Financial Times

  1. Thailand trade surplus climbs to 4-month high in March
  2. Japan manufacturing growth snaps decline in April
  3. UK companies deliver disappointing dividend growth
    Payouts at oil and healthcare companies held amid less favourable currency movement
  4. Duterte spooks foreign investors with tax ‘sword of Damocles’
    Incentives behind the Philippine outsourcing boom hit the chopping block
  5. Regulating Facebook merely nips at the edge of a bigger problem
    Consumers are under surveillance in ways we have just begun to grapple with
  6. Sulzer shows how to avoid Russian sanctions
    Swiss pumps maker rapidly restructured shareholdings to escape effects of US measures
  7. Targeting specific trade deficits is a game of whack-a-mole
    It is a fallacy that countries lose out unless their exports exceed their imports
  8. Stop our oceans choking on a plastic overdose
    Governments and companies must act globally to clean up the seas
  9. Macron and Merkel visit US, Korea talks, tech earnings
    Your FT guide to this week’s big events
  10. Is the US headed for a public debt crisis?
    Unsustainable borrowing may cause a clash with the Fed, but not a solvency crisis

Financial Market News from the Financial Times

  1. Hong Kong IPOs give foreigners access to China education
    Half the world’s largest listed education companies are now from the mainland
  2. Capital markets union is key to policy normalisation
    Europe is bringing forward its shake-up due to Brexit and success will be vital for growth
  3. Explainer: LME’s global metals role amid Rusal sanctions
    Third of aluminium in London Metal Exchange warehouses being sent out to meet demand
  4. Mifid II forces fund managers into sharp research cuts
    European groups rein back on analysis produced by banks and brokers
  5. European banks rely on equity for half of market value
    Move over past decade shows pain felt by investors despite billions provided in capital
  6. Asia equities mixed as US-North Korea summit nears
  7. Securities lending proves lucrative as investors aim for alpha
    Some pension schemes see the complexities as inadequate for the risk
  8. Spadework in China pays off as top five asset managers pull ahead
    Z-Ben executive says anyone resting on laurels will be overtaken quickly
  9. Fast Asia Open: Thailand trade data, Taiwan industrial output
  10. Euro strength crimps growth at European companies
    Industrial and export-led businesses suffer exchange-rate hit in first quarter