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Financial Market News

Global Economic News from the Financial Times

  1. Fiesta time: Brazil stocks cruise to new high
  2. Rosier outlook for Thailand’s most populous region
    Conditions improve in country’s north-eastern Isan provinces — but many feel left out
  3. What if China stops being an optimal currency area?
  4. India must act to reduce inequality and unleash growth
    Labour market reform is key as rising share of income goes to the wealthiest
  5. Global recovery brings opportunities for emerging markets
    A policy push to improve education and productivity can stop a slowdown in growth
  6. Daily briefing: Big Pharma’s big fail on Alzheimer’s, Soros fights back, the least racist people
    Pfizer ending research on disease may mean others follow suit
  7. What macroeconomists actually do
    Problems can be traced back to two intellectual revolutions  
  8. Nervous investors put the Bank of Japan in the spotlight
    Reaction to standard central bank operation underlines twitchiness in the bond market
  9. UK inflation rate dips, pointing to waning currency impact
  10. IMF calls for urgent reform of Middle East public wage bills
    Bloated state payrolls fail to cut unemployment or provide decent public services

Financial Market News from the Financial Times

  1. Wall St reverses gains to ends lower as energy weighs
  2. High-frequency traders combine as industry revenues fall
    Hudson River Trading says Sun Trading deal will create more diverse firm
  3. Charts that matter: Pound rising towards major level
  4. Fiesta time: Brazil stocks cruise to new high
  5. S&P, Nasdaq slide back into the red
  6. Johnson Matthey gains on electric-car forecast
    FTSE 100 ends 0.2% lower, down 13.21 points at 7,755.93
  7. US stocks hover in record territory
  8. Private debt can help drive African growth
    There are opportunities for investors that traditional capital markets cannot reach
  9. Charts that matter: US equities and gilts
    US equities' rally, gilts and Treasuries spread and S&P 500 by sector
  10. US Treasury yield curve nears flattest point in 10 years