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Financial Market News

Global Economic News from the Financial Times

  1. Trade war imperils foreign banks’ China plans
    Scramble to take majority stakes in mainland operations under threat
  2. What Greece needs now that its bailout is ending
    Athens must still attract more investment and reform banks to spur growth
  3. Bankers meet at Jackson Hole, China-US tariffs, Pope visits Ireland
    Your FT guide to this week’s big events
  4. Modi risks paying political price after rupee hits all-time low
    India’s PM had vowed currency would strengthen under his strong leadership
  5. Volvo chief calls for complete elimination of car tariffs
    Hakan Samuelsson steps up calls to end trade war between US, China and Europe
  6. Emerging market turmoil set to take centre stage again
    Annual gathering of central bankers in Jackson Hole will also be in focus
  7. Defuse trade tension by cutting car import tariffs to zero
    Volvo Cars chief argues we are losing sight of the broader benefits of low barriers
  8. South Korea: the fear of China’s shadow
    Once a model of economic development, the country now worries Chinese competition will cause a long-term slowdown
  9. US sanctions come into effect, German GDP figures out
    The FT's Vanessa Kortekaas on the key stories to watch for in the week ahead
  10. In charts: Greece’s economy is rebounding — but there is far to go
    Output, living standards and house prices are still far below pre-crisis levels

Financial Market News from the Financial Times

  1. Commodity prices suffer as emerging markets tumble
    Fear that slumping resources prices is harbinger of weaker growth in China
  2. Renewed HK dollar pressure coming from weak renminbi
    More action expected from the HKMA to strengthen the local currency
  3. Modi risks paying political price after rupee hits all-time low
    India’s PM had vowed currency would strengthen under his strong leadership
  4. Saipem’s robots set to cap undersea oil blowouts
    Saipem system can operate under exclusion zones that keep ships away from damaged wells
  5. Tesla short-sellers sitting on profits of $1.2bn
    Bets against the carmaker’s shares have been lucrative since Musk tweeted buyout plan
  6. Mifid II impact on small and mid-cap brokers fuels consolidation talk
    New European investment research rules trigger sharp drop in commissions
  7. Two major credit rating agencies downgrade Turkey
    Action comes as stand-off with Washington continues over detention of American pastor
  8. S&P, Moody’s send Turkey deeper into junk territory
  9. Wall Street stages late push higher on US-China trade talk hopes
  10. Trump is right to push debate on quarterly reporting
    Complaints about business short-termism have grown overwhelming