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Financial Market News

Global Economic News from the Financial Times

  1. US trade hawks seize their moment
    Latest tariffs look more like the start of a cold war than a trade war
  2. China’s export machine moves up the value chain
    Mid-range manufacturing push improves the Chinese position as trade war intensifies
  3. US delays imposition of sanctions on Deripaska’s Rusal
    Russian oligarch has a further three weeks to negotiate a reprieve from Treasury
  4. US taps Lerrick for IMF acting executive director
    Appointment comes at a sensitive time for the fund as it deals with Argentina bailout
  5. Africa needs China’s help to embrace a low-carbon future
    Beijing can offer hope to the continent but debt is a cause for concern
  6. Week ahead: Fed, Kavanaugh, US data
  7. FirstFT: Today’s top stories
    Your daily briefing on the day’s news from the FT and elsewhere
  8. Salzburg changes nothing
    Theresa May’s Chequers ideas still have some life in them
  9. Corbyn’s Labour is ready to shake up the status quo
    The UK opposition steps into an economic void left by a government grappling with Brexit
  10. Hong Kong dollar strengthens as rate rises loom
    Haidilao IPO and next week’s Fed meeting boost demand for local currency

Financial Market News from the Financial Times

  1. Five reasons why bitcoin fails the innovation test
    Crypto-assets are impractical and do little for financial inclusion
  2. China floods debt market with new bond
    Local governments press banks into buying $200bn ‘special-purpose’ securities
  3. Investors ignore human rights at their peril
    From land grabs to illegal labour, civil liberties issues should matter to investors
  4. Fintech pair aim to disrupt industry with investments for millennials
    New funds from Revolut and Plum will appeal to smartphone generation
  5. Record profits for Europe's private banks
    Strong markets boost groups but McKinsey questions ability to sustain growth
  6. Iran sends out ghost tankers as sanctions loom
    Tehran reverts to old tactic of selling in secret as economic pressure grows
  7. Authers’ Note: You Breaxit, You Keepsit
    The FT’s newsletter on the world of investment
  8. Tech stock reshuffle sends US equity volumes soaring
    Investors prepare for creation of new ‘communications’ sector
  9. Thoughts for the weekend
    “There's no SeaWorld coupon.”
  10. S&P 500 fails to match Dow with back-to-back record highs