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Financial Market News

Global Economic News from the Financial Times

  1. Macron will have to make a decisive move on Europe
    The most exciting promise of his candidacy is the agenda for eurozone reform
  2. UK growth slows to weakest pace in a year
    Data suggest inflation fuelled by commodity rises and sterling fall hitting high street
  3. US Congress passes bill to avoid shutdown
    Republicans divided over White House budget measures have another week to wrangle
  4. Mr Market and the first 100 days of Mr Trump
    The president is bad at cutting deals, and US stocks like that just fine
  5. US suffers weakest first-quarter growth in 3 years
    Strong sentiment contrasts with slowdown in consumer spending
  6. GDP slowdown stokes fears of Brexit stagnation
    Data offer striking contrast to resilience recorded after June vote to leave EU
  7. Jump in eurozone inflation strengthens calls to end QE
    Mario Draghi is under pressure to abandon ECB stimulus programme
  8. Europe’s time to shine?
    Long-term factors of prosperity are moving in the right direction
  9. Japan inflation stagnant at 0.2%
    Tightening labour market yet to push up wages or consumer prices
  10. Twisting numbers: Brexit and the Commonwealth
    Using data with too narrow a context could skew the debate over the EU, and much more

Financial Market News from the Financial Times

  1. How much higher can the euro go?
    Single currency will stay in focus this week ahead of the final French election round
  2. Trump team’s ultra-long bond talk faces scepticism
    Meeting this week will examine demand for debt maturing well beyond 30-year limit
  3. Hedge funds slash bets against sterling
    Currency strengthens as investors expect Conservatives to win election and gain seats
  4. Bull herd nears Europe as US stocks break records
    More investors are betting on the continent, but that is creating its own risks
  5. Stocks finish positive week on cautious note
    GDP data add to uncertainty over US economic outlook
  6. Ireland sets the pace as eurozone grapples with bad loans
    US private equity firm securitises distressed mortgages in Ireland as Italy struggles
  7. Battle lines are drawn over Obama-era regulator
    Republicans see the CFPB as a symbol of Obama but changes will face strong Democratic opposition
  8. Rouble moves higher despite Russian rate cut
    Central bank easing 0.5% suggests concern about effect of strong currency on economy
  9. Mr Market learning to tell Trump’s bark from his bite
    Optimism is dwindling but the belief remains the president will not harm progress
  10. Vix ‘fear gauge’ closes at 3-year low
    Volatility index collapses as Trump unveils tax cuts and French election concerns ease