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Financial Market News

Global Economic News from the Financial Times

  1. Week ahead: US GDP, ECB, Davos in the Desert
  2. China strikes upbeat note on growth despite slowdown
    Liu He seeks to bolster confidence in reform programme after GDP figures are released
  3. Ukraine secures new tentative $3.9bn IMF deal
  4. EU agrees to negotiate with the US on beef
  5. Ukraine raises household gas tariffs in bid to unfreeze IMF loans
  6. FirstFT: Today’s top stories
    Your daily briefing on the day’s news from the FT and elsewhere
  7. You tell us: how to maintain growth and save Earth
    Last week, Tim Harford called for innovation on climate change. FT readers respond
  8. The devil is in the detail of Rome’s new budget
    The worry should not be how much Italy’s government spends, but on what
  9. Making sense of the Trumpian trade policy
    America’s calm and intemperate sides were both on display this week
  10. Warnings mount for leveraged-loan market
    The Fed joins the IMF, Bank of England and BIS in sounding alarm.

Financial Market News from the Financial Times

  1. Khashoggi’s death confirmed by Saudi Arabia
    Kingdom arrests 18 people and sacks officials close to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
  2. Still only one winner in growth versus value fight
    Unloved value stocks will shine but you’ll have to wait for the next recession
  3. BlackRock: a vast money machine splutters
    Shares in the company are down 30 per cent from their peak. Is this a warning of deeper problems in the market?
  4. European museums to loan contested artefacts to Nigeria
  5. Wall St ends mixed, Dow ends 3-week losing streak
  6. The Marco Polo market — from Italy to China and back
    Mike Mackenzie’s daily analysis of what’s moving global markets
  7. Wall Street’s early rally fades as techs retreat
    Italian assets stage dramatic turnround; euro pushes higher
  8. Peso slides to 5-week low after Pemex downgrade
  9. Ukraine secures new tentative $3.9bn IMF deal
  10. Mark Carney sounds warning over open-ended funds