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Financial Market News

Global Economic News from the Financial Times

  1. US stocks set record for steadiness on choppy political seas
    Market shrugs off looming government shutdown by achieving longest streak without reversal
  2. US says China WTO membership was a mistake
    Trump administration reverses two decades of trade policy towards 2001 accession
  3. Jim Mattis warns US losing military edge
    Defence secretary puts countering China and Russia at heart of military strategy
  4. Macroeconomics can be more open without losing rigour
    Make it more expansive and liberal, but keep it unified  
  5. The Novo Banco debacle and the rule of law in Europe
  6. German producer prices rise 2.6% in 2017
    Inflation gauge in first annual increase since 2012
  7. Oil price touches record high in Russian rouble terms
    Nigeria, Angola, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan enjoying record prices in local currency
  8. Sell-off pushes 10-year Treasuries yield above 2017 high
  9. Fed’s Williams guns for vice-chair job
    San Francisco’s Fed chief would ‘welcome’ opportunity to serve as number two under Jay Powell.
  10. China debt maturities reflect financial fragility
    Risks rise as tough policies force borrowers to rely more on shorter-term funding 

Financial Market News from the Financial Times

  1. Thought for the weekend
  2. Investors Chronicle: Merck, Pearson, GKN
    Companies analysis from our sister publication
  3. US stocks cling in shadow of government shutdown
    US 10-year Treasury hovers at highest level since 2014
  4. US stocks on verge of new record for stretch without a 5% reversal
    Robust global economy and supportive monetary policy help S&P 500 to equal milestone set in 1990s
  5. Fitch closes Istanbul office ahead of Turkey ratings decision
    Ratings group will maintain coverage of country
  6. Singapore exchange to allow dual-class shares for IPOs
    Global fund managers voice fears over shareholder voting rights
  7. US stock futures higher as investors shrug off government shutdown risk
  8. mSix US market regulation predictions for 2018
    Davis Polk lawyers expect changes and reform to key trading rules
  9. Dollar falls below Rmb6.40 for first time since 2015
    The buck has fallen 7% against China’s currency in last year
  10. The Novo Banco debacle and the rule of law in Europe