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This month we are recommending "The Cul-de-Sac Syndrome: Turning Around the Unsustainable American Dream" in which John Wasik exposes the untold truths about home ownership.
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Blue Sky

9. Excellent News

There is a shining gold lining to every disaster of course!

For many of you the house price crash is the start of a very profitable future. Which Way Home was set up to guide you through the turmoil. Each month the "Latest Market Outlook" section will act as your guide to the market, highlighting the key trends which lay ahead. It will also indicate when it’s safe to start buying property again, so keep watching this space!

If you are patient, and you sit through the bad times, you will be in a solid position to exploit the return of the good times. And we all know that the good times will return, they always do, it is a cycle of course. Price is what you pay but value is what you get. Personally, I will wait for the approaching economic weakness to take the market down. I will buy a house at a fraction of its current price and I will pay off a mortgage a fraction of its current size.

A significant number of over-stretched homeowners and the majority of amateur buy-to-let investors will capitulate under the financial strain, involuntarily offering up choice properties at knock down prices. Compelling opportunities will become plentiful. Big rewards will be there for the taking.

While the "The Essentials" section of this site sought to educate the property buyer of today, the rest of the site serves to prepare the property buyer of tomorrow.

The "Resources" section contains useful advice, information, articles, tools and other material designed to help you prepare for the dramatic fall in house prices and protect yourself as they fall.

The "Property News" section provides a concise rundown of the week’s most important news stories and articles and should be read in conjunction with the "Latest Market Outlook", which offers an informed perspective of developments within the wider financial markets.

The "Popular Property Q&A" section covers many of the questions most regularly asked by readers.

Taken together, this information provides an invaluable tool for anyone participating in the property market today, allowing the reader to allocate capital to the most compelling investment opportunities, and to adapt strategies and risk profiles to the changing market conditions.

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