You're currently on: was set up for two principal reasons. Firstly, to educate the property buyer of today and secondly, to prepare the property buyer of tomorrow.

The property market does not exist within a vacuum. Yet buyers commonly maintain a micro-focus on the market within their particular street, city, state or country. Professionals within the industry often succumb to the folly of cruising on autopilot, failing to question the circumstances they find themselves within and failing to see that the emperor has no new clothes.

In truth, property markets are utterly reliant on, and subject to the ebb and flow of the global financial markets. More specifically, the titanic increase in money supply over the last 30 years and the accompanying explosion in the availability of credit has exposed investors to a wicked game of chicken, across a variety of markets. Currently, the property market hangs very precariously on the fate of the global financial markets due to the massive levels of debt accepted by home buyers and investors, so an accurate view of future prospects is essential.

While a view of the property market is often perceived to be straightforward, hence the recent onslaught of confident yet ill-informed amateur investors, its complicated dependence on the wider financial markets is much less well understood and frequently ignored. delivers the solution to this problem by providing “big picture” information for the buyer of today, and ongoing market perspective for the buyer of tomorrow.

Consequently, the site is split into two principal sections:

The Essentials assumes that the objective of every homebuyer and property investor is intelligent capital appreciation accompanied by low risk. The Essentials section outlines the key big picture factors affecting the property market today and provides the key information necessary for buyers to make an informed decision about their current property buying choices. To cut a long story short, the risk of buying property in the current environment is significant - read them.

Latest Market Outlook / Property News

No informed property investment decision can be made without first understanding the position of the financial markets. Such insight provides clues as to the stability of the current environment as well as the causes of pricing anomalies and how they may evolve. In this respect the Latest Market Outlook and Property News sections deliver two vital sources of information side by side.

Property News provides a concise rundown of the week’s most important news stories and articles. Latest Market Outlook provides the context for these stories by offering an informed perspective of developments within the wider financial markets. Taken together, this information provides an invaluable tool for anyone participating in the property market today, allowing the reader to allocate capital to the most compelling opportunities.

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