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Welcome to the "WhichWayHome" Group of Websites is all about intelligent capital appreciation, accompanied by low risk. In order for this to take place we must first take steps to preserve our wealth - if you don't bet you can't win, but if you lose all of your chips you can't play anymore!

Smart investment decisions are the foundation of wealth preservation. It is not sufficient to allocate our hard-earned money to cash and wait for sufficiently compelling investment opportunities to arise, especially in today's environment where inflation eats away at our capital year on year. Nowadays we need to make smart investment decisions just to tread water.

Then, once we have made some smart decisions and formed a strong financial base, we can be a little bit smarter and deploy our capital to areas of compelling potential. You will be focussing on areas which are off the radar of most investors or media channels. You will be going against the consensus. You will be selling property as the masses snap up overpriced buy-to-let apartments. You will be buying gold, silver and platinum bullion as a hedge against hyperinflation as the masses pour their money into depreciating Treasuries, Gilts and bonds. focuses on the major macro-economic trends. It provides readers with the "Big Picture" view of economic developments, having the ability to distinguish useful information from pushed media "noise". This approach allows people to implement long-term asset positioning with increased chance of success.

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A series of nine short "Essential" lessons were written in 2006, outlining the rationale for the credit collapse and house price crash in a straight-forward manner. The successful prediction of these events was followed by the provision of regular "Outlooks" to readers, keeping them updated of developments in the real estate market and likely future house price trends. Since the property market is reliant on the ebb and flow of the global financial markets, such insight is vital for any successful homebuyer or investor strategy

Why Should You Buy Gold, Silver & Platinum Bullion? A massive inflation is coming – a massive fall in the true value of our money, savings and investments. The inflation results from the printing of an excess of paper money by governments around the world in response the global credit crisis. The outlook is particularly dire for assets denominated in US Dollars and British Pounds. WhichWayGold recommends buying physical gold, silver and platinum bullion to protect your wealth from the impact of high/hyperinflation in the years ahead