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Gold & Silver Track Record

We became bullish on precious metals in 2007 as it became clear that we were in the midst of a secular bull market in commodities and as a way to protect wealth from an increasingly inflationary environment. We recommended buying precious metals to readers in the first quarter of 2007 when gold, priced in US dollars, broke out of a year-long consolidation pattern.

Gold Track Record Gold Track Record

Silver Track Record Silver Track Record

We see precious metals rising for years and years ahead. Part of their rise will be attributed to increasing investor awareness of the sector and the growing interest in safe haven assets which offer protection against inflation. The other part of their rise will be attributed to the fall in the value of fiat currencies, notably the US Dollar and the British Pound Sterling. As these currencies fall in value the prices of assets, including gold, silver and platinum, will automatically rise.

How to Buy Precious Metals?

If you are interested in buying precious metals there are a couple of important features you need to consider: you need to buy "physical" gold, silver or platinum bullion in an "allocated" account.

Our recommendation is GoldMoney which allows you to buy pure gold, silver, platinum or palladium that is fully insured and stored safely in specialised bullion vaults. GoldMoney holds over $2 billion of customer assets and is independently audited on a quarterly basis by a Big Four accountancy firm. Accounts are free to set up and their website is intuitive and very easy to use.

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