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Investment Outlook & Approach

When we look for potential investments we begin by examining the big-picture factors impacting the economy. Understanding the market position in this way provides us with an insight into the stability of the current environment as well as likely future developments.

With these insights held firmly in mind, we use fundamental and technical analysis to compare the relative valuations of different asset classes. Crucially, we are looking for structural inefficiencies in the capital markets - pricing anomalies in which the true value of an asset is not yet reflected in the market price.

These structural inefficiencies, and the miss-pricings they create, can be used to construct trades that express views with valuable asymmetrical risk/reward characteristics. We do not wish to deploy capital for a trade in which we make a profit of $1 if we are correct and a loss of $1 if incorrect. We wish to deploy capital to trades in which a potential loss of $1 is offset by a potential gain of $100. In this latter case the odds of success are stacked heavily in our favour.

Potential investments are ranked based on a range of factors, including both fundamental and technical factors in approximately equal measure. The ranking of the investments identifies outliers which are bought or sold respectively.

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