Wealth Accumulation Through Smart Investment Decisions

WhichWayHome.com explains the complex, volatile world of investments in a straight forward way. Access to our investment outlooks are free, plus we provide a high-level view of our track record and portfolio.

Investment Objective

We believe in superior investment returns. Everything we do is aligned towards achieving that goal. We deliver superior returns through strategic thinking. We identify winning investment themes ahead of time and position ourselves to profit from our views. We don't get swayed by short-term volatility or pushed media “noise”.

Investment Performance

Long-term performance currently stands at 34% per annum. We were among a tiny number of publications which successfully predicted the credit crisis, 35% real estate crash, 60% stock market dislocation and Wall Street bankruptcies. We explained how they would happen beforehand and documented the collapse as it unfolded.

   Investment Recommendations

Current Investment Outlook

There is a real opportunity for the price of precious metals to rise to extraordinary heights. We can foresee the price of gold over $10,000oz and silver over $600oz. Read our current Investment Outlook...