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Buy Gold Now - How and why to buy gold

Buy Gold Now: Why should you buy gold? How do you buy gold? Investment expert Shayne McGuire explains how to profit from this precious metal and how buying gold can protect you from financial risk. Read more about Buy Gold Now >

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Why Buy Precious Metals?

There is a real opportunity for the price of precious metals to rise to extraordinary heights. We can foresee the price of gold over $10,000oz and silver over $600oz.

There are two straight-forward reasons why you should buy physical gold, silver and platinum bullion...

Strategy 1. Profit from the Coming Rush into Precious Metals

The first reason is easy to understand – the precious metals markets are tiny, mine production is falling, yet investment demand for gold, silver and platinum is accelerating. Furthermore, for the first time in 22 years, the big guns - central banks - have turned net buyers of gold. Central banks need to diversify their reserves away from the US Dollar as quickly as possible and they buy BIG quantities of gold. In 2009, for example, India bought 200 tonnes of gold from the IMF, half of the IMF holdings.

World global financial assets (cash, deposits, bonds, stocks) total around $164 trillion. By contrast, the precious metal markets are tiny: gold $800 billion; silver only $8 billion; and platinum only $5 billion. So the $164 trillion is equivalent to 205 gold markets, 20,500 silver markets or 35,000 platinum markets. As inflation starts to accelerate, a potentially significant portion of the $164 trillion will move into the tiny precious metals markets, pushing the price of bullion skyward.

Precious Metals Markets

Strategy 2. Protect Your Wealth from Depreciating Currencies & Inflation

The second reason is that the value of money is falling and is thereby losing its purchasing power. The value of the dollar and the pound have fallen around 98% over the last 100 years – I am not exaggerating, click the link! With recent government bailouts and accelerated money printing this trend is set to continue.

So where do you put your money in order to ensure that you preserve your wealth and maintain your purchasing power? buy gold, silver and platinum bullion. When the paper wealth has been destroyed by government's money printing, the precious metal wealth will remain.

Read the detailed explanations behind Strategy 2...

Why Now?

When playing musical chairs, it is imperative that you have secured a chair before the music stops playing! At some point in the near future, when it is clear that inflation is accelerating, there will be a huge rush into precious metals. If you have not done your research in advance and decided to buy gold, silver and platinum ahead of the masses, it will be too late for you because there will be no gold, silver or platinum left for you to buy!

How Do You Buy Precious Metals?

Importantly, you need to buy "physical" gold, silver or platinum bullion in an "allocated" account.

Our recommendation is GoldMoney which allows you to buy pure gold, silver, platinum or palladium that is fully insured and stored safely in specialised bullion vaults. GoldMoney holds over $2 billion of customer assets and is independently audited on a quarterly basis by a Big Four accountancy firm. Accounts are free to set up and their website is intuitive and very easy to use.

Read more about the services provided by GoldMoney, our recommended supplier...

When Should You Sell Precious Metals?

As as indication, we expect the price of gold and silver to challenge their previous 1980 inflation-adjusted highs (see charts below). We can easily see gold heading to $10,000 per ounce, moderately exceeding the 1980 peak. Our price target for silver is more bullish and we see it racing above the 1980 peak towards $600 and ounce. This is based on the fact that there are far fewer silver stockpiles in existence than were present in the '80s.

There will certainly be some volatility in the price of precious metals from a short-term perspective, but longer-term the trend in precious metals prices is firmly upwards.

Shadow Government Statistics Inflation Adjusted Gold Price
Shadow Government Statistics Inflation Adjusted Silver Price