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Part 3 - The Inflationary Collapse

The economics of disaster are as simple as the inflationary economics were complex. The government was the managing proprietor of the inflationary economics, but the economics of disaster are conducted by persons other than the government and are largely beyond the government's control. Inflationary economics required motive power supplied by the government, but the economics of disaster are self-propelled. It is the government that decides when and how fast the inflationary reservoirs shall be filled, but it is something else that decides when the dam shall burst.

The U.S. and U.K. are basically insolvent and their governments have now taken us so far down the inflationary path they chose to follow when the gold-backed money system ended, that the plain fact is that any future prosperity or boom will not be possible without more money printing and inflation. If the U.S. or U.K. attempt to stop the money and credit growth the resulting credit squeeze will strangle any signs of recovery, causing businesses and consumers to scream. Thus at every hint of trouble in the economy governments’ easy money policies will resume, the debt and money printing will accelerate and will never stop until the bitter end.

The economics of disaster commence when the holders of money wealth revolt, getting rid of their money and declining to hold it any longer than necessary to get rid of it. Taking example from the German hyperinflation...

The desertion of money holders has many of the aspects of a panic, like any desertion in the thick of a struggle. A filling of inflationary reservoirs in the capital markets which may have taken years may be emptied in a day.

The biggest losers in the inflation are the savers, the pensioners, those who are reliant on fixed income, those who have cash, bonds, treasuries or gilts. When the paper money that they have carefully accumulated, saved or invested is revealed to be worthless, this class of people is left with the most staggering permanent loss.

For those in search of protection from the final ravages of inflation and steeply rising prices I recommend investing in gold, silver and platinum bullion. We have learnt that precious metals are money and that they achieved this position following thousands of years of trial and error. It is therefore intuitive that gold, silver and platinum will benefit the most from the collapse of paper money fiat currencies.

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