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Strategy 2 - Protect Your Wealth From Hyperinflation

Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value – zero”. Volatire

Inflation is the decrease in the value of money due to the printing of an excess of it. As a result of four decades of excess government money printing and inflation, our real salaries, savings and quality of life have decreased. We need more paper dollars and pounds to buy everyday products than we used to and we have to work harder to earn them. Unfortunately, the current inflation is now entering its final stages and will destroy the wealth of those who do not understand how inflation works.

While persistent inflation erodes the value of paper money, hyperinflation destroys it. Hyperinflation arises when the trust placed in paper money is lost.

The only limit to perpetual money printing is the credibility of the currency involved. As long as the government can sell its debt, or print more money to pay for its spending, or as long as foreigners are content to continue buying paper money substitutes denominated in US Dollars or British Pounds, the inflation can continue.

But if trust in paper money is lost, citizens and foreigners will begin to dump dollars and pounds after decades of continuous theft from them. When the desertion of paper money becomes widespread the prices of desirable things rise. Government debt will quickly be deserted and the enormous quantities of money which previously occupied that pool will flood out into real, tangible assets such as precious metals, food, fuel, land, etc. Even the money which was previously occupied in buying goods and services, many of them revealed to be useless, leaves them in favour of real assets.

For those in search of protection from the final ravages of inflation and steeply rising prices I recommend that you protect a portion of your wealth by investing in gold, silver and platinum bullion. You will learn in the pages ahead that precious metals are money and that they achieved this position following thousands of years of trial and error and in competition with all other commodities. It is intuitive therefore that gold, silver and platinum will benefit the most from the coming collapse of paper money fiat currencies.

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