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Buy Gold Now - How and why to buy gold

Buy Gold Now: Why should you buy gold? How do you buy gold? Investment expert Shayne McGuire explains how to profit from this precious metal and how buying gold can protect you from financial risk. Read more about Buy Gold Now >

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Strategy 1: Benefit From the Rush into Gold, Silver & Platinum Bullion

This is the simplest strategy to understand. At the time of writing, world global financial assets total $164 trillion, comprising cash, bonds, treasuries and stocks but excluding real estate and derivatives. By contrast, the investible bullion metal markets are tiny: gold market $800 billion; silver market $8 billion; platinum market $5 billion. So the $164 trillion is 205 times the size of the gold market, 20,500 times the size of the silver market and 35,000 times the size of the platinum market.

As you will learn in Strategy 2, the process of inflation will soon start to accelerate. Inflation is a fall in the value of money and so the value of any paper investments you hold such as cash, bonds and treasuries will start to fall steeply. As a result

of the inflation investors will begin to flee paper investments and will look for an alternative store for their wealth. Since gold, silver and platinum are real, tangible, monetary assets which have long been considered as a safe haven and a store of value, it is likely that a portion of the $164 trillion will move into these tiny markets, pushing prices skyward.

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