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Precious Metals News - January 2009

01/30 Japan's sewage yields more gold than top mines
01/30 Dig Deep for Gold, Gold Miners
01/30 Gold a Shining Investment as it Hits 3-Month High
01/30 U.S. Dollar Gold Link: Trading Note
01/30 Gold Prices Jump Above $920
01/30 Holdings in biggest gold ETF hit new high
01/30 Silver Mining - It's the Pits
01/30 Gold rises to six-month high on safe-haven buying
01/29 Platinum Climbs in N.Y. as Dollar's Sag Spurs Demand
01/29 What the real price of gold should be
01/29 Gold swings higher as dollar gives up gains
01/29 Junior Precious Metal Investors Nightmare Ends
01/29 Gold price could double in two years
01/29 Gold is the new money
01/29 Gold seen likely to hit new highs on dollar fears
01/29 Gold falls 1 per cent
01/28 A Guide to Playing Gold for the Risk Averse
01/28 Gold futures fall for second day ahead of Fed decision
01/28 Gold Says: U.K. Winning the Inflation Derby
01/28 Gold takes a rest
01/27 Silver: A Trader's Paradise
01/27 Gold slips below $900/oz, risk aversion eases
01/27 Gold futures fall first day in four as dollar rises
01/27 India scrap gold sales up as price near high
01/27 Relax: There Will Be No Depression - gold and silver will outperform
01/27 Gold surges as investors seek safety
01/26 Gold Projected to Rise in Most Bullish Survey Results on Record
01/26 Forecasting the gold price - expert panel predicts $1074 high, Mineweb readers $1305
01/26 Gold price soars
01/26 Could There Be a Real Breakout in Gold?
01/26 Gold continues to uncouple, positively
01/26 Gold hits 3-1/2 months high at US$906/oz
01/23 Gold: Relative Performance vs. Currencies
01/23 Gold Producers May Exploit Share Rally to Boost Cash
01/23 Gold hits three-week high on safe-haven demand
01/23 Gold Prices Rise 2% In Early Trading
01/23 ETF vs. Mutual Fund: Two Ways to Invest in Gold Miners
01/23 What, exactly, can gold hedge against?
01/23 Gold futures surge on safe-haven demand
01/22 Gold tempts haven seekers
01/22 Where the Stock Market, Gold and Silver are Headed Next
01/22 Gold futures rise as investors seek a safe haven
01/22 View of the Day: Gold’s haven appeal
01/22 The Six Biggest Myths About Gold
01/22 RBC says upside in gold and silver, but PGMs to underperform
01/22 Gold futures fall after gloomy data on housing, jobs
01/21 Gold Safehaven as U.S. and UK Head for Bond Default and Devaluation
01/21 Platinum, Palladium Fall on Concern Recession May Be Prolonged
01/21 Where Now For Gold?
01/21 Making Money in Troubled Times with Gold
01/21 Gold futures edge lower, as U.S. dollar is mixed
01/21 Gold Surges on Inauguration Day; Concerns Regarding Derivatives, ETFs
01/21 Gold falls, as U.S. dollar trades mixed vs. rivals
01/21 John Doody: A Winning Situation for Gold Stocks
01/21 Gold import dips by 47% to 402 tonnes in 2008
01/20 ETF gold holdings hit record last year, WGC says
01/20 Not All That Glitters Is Gold
01/20 Gold Outshines Other Assets in 2008...
01/20 Gold futures rise on speculation recession will deepen
01/20 Gold up 3 pct as investment buying boosts prices
01/16 Platinum, Palladium Rise in N.Y. as Dollar Weakens Against Euro
01/16 Gold Rallies with Stocks as $1.3 trillion of "Aid" Caps the U.S. Dollar
01/16 South Africa's gold mine output drops to century low
01/16 Gold up 2 pct as dlr drops after U.S. data
01/16 iShares Silver Trust bullion holdings hit record
01/16 Gold Gains Most in a Week in London on Stocks, Weaker Dollar
01/16 Gold seen rising to record this year
01/16 Financial crisis great for gold
01/15 Trading Gold Using Gold Stocks as an Leading indicator
01/15 Platinum, Palladium Decline in N.Y. as U.S. Recession Deepens
01/15 Gold to average $915/oz in first-half '09 -GFMS
01/15 Gold Prices Edge Higher Following Recent Skid
01/15 Gold futures little changed after ECB rate cut
01/15 Will it Skyrocket to New Highs?
01/15 Gold prices steady
01/14 Platinum, Palladium Fall as Retail Sales Plunge, Cutting Demand
01/14 Gold Steady as Stock Markets Head Sharply Lower
01/14 ETF Securities says gold ETC performed best in 2008
01/14 Technical Analysis: Gold outlook appears mixed
01/14 Gold little changed in early Wednesday trading
01/14 Dollar mostly down, gold up in morning trading
01/13 Platinum, Palladium Fall in N.Y. on Industrial Demand Outlook
01/13 Despite Economic Headwinds, Gold Will Outperform
01/13 Gold rises from one-month low, pacing gains in oil
01/13 Russian gold output on the rise after several years of decline
01/13 Dollar up, gold down in morning trading
01/13 Gold follows oil higher
01/13 Trading in gold soars by 60pc
01/13 Will the gold rush continue in 2009?
01/12 CIBC - silver will offer lower returns than gold
01/12 Is it still worth buying gold?
01/12 Which Shines More: Gold, Silver or Crude Oil?
01/12 Platinum, Palladium Fall as Dollar Gain Curbs Investment Demand
01/12 Gold Falls To Four-Week Low
01/12 Gold falls to near $830 as dollar rises
01/12 Gold and silver trading hits record levels in 2008
01/09 Gold Demand Strong as U.S. Jobless Rate Jumps
01/09 Platinum, Palladium Fall as Economy Weakens, Cutting Demand
01/09 Gold and Stock Markets Volume and Time Series Analysis
01/09 Gold little changed, heading for first weekly loss in five
01/09 Dollar mixed, gold falls in morning trading
01/09 Five New Forces to Drive Gold Higher
01/08 Gold Rises as Dollar's Decline Boosts Demand; Platinum Falls
01/08 Buy Gold, Silver Companies, Sell Coking Coal, Ore, RBC Says
01/08 Why you should keep an eye on gold mining stocks
01/08 Gold - and a little silver - dominate
01/08 Gold Turns Higher, Rises Above $850
01/08 The silver bulls are back
01/08 Gold futures slightly higher as dollar weakens
01/07 Platinum Tops $1,000 on Stimulus Outlook; Gold, Silver Drop
01/07 Will gold advance for eighth year in a row?
01/07 Platinum or gold - which will be the better performer in 2009?
01/07 Gold: a brilliant buy or poor prospect?
01/07 Gold steadies, supported by dollar; platinum up
01/07 Gold could be headed for good 2009
01/07 Gold and Oil Short-Term Trends
01/06 Big firms rush to gold mining in 2009
01/06 Geopolitical Risk Escalates and Will Lead to Further Safe Haven Demand
01/06 Year begins with strong Gold and Oil ETCs
01/06 Gold May Advance for Eighth Year as'Perfect Insurance' Sought
01/06 Gold Prices Slip Below $850
01/06 Gold futures fall for third session on stronger dollar
01/05 Who’s the gold seller?
01/05 Palladium falls 6 pct, strong dollar knocks metals
01/05 Gold Falls Despite US Fed and ECB Vow to Inflate Out of Recession
01/05 2008 Precious Metals Performance: Gold, Silver, Platinum
01/05 Gold pulls back below $850 as dollar strengthens
01/05 Gold Falls a Third Day in London as Dollar Strength Saps Demand
01/02 India gold eases, buyers eye further declines
01/02 Gold Drops as Oil Falls, Dollar Gains, Eroding Metal Demand
01/02 Gold may shine again in 2009
01/02 Oil and gold may be best commodities prospects in 2009
01/02 False Deflation Diagnosis and Gold Bullish Crossover Signal
01/02 Gold slips 1 pct as dollar firms, oil slides