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Precious Metals News - July 2008

07/31 Gold Rallies as Dollar Decline Boosts Investor Demand for Metal
07/31 Gold Futures Rise as U.S. Dollar Falls vs. Rivals
07/30 Gold Drops to 1-Month Low as Dollar Extends Rally Against Euro
07/30 Gold Futures Fall Sharply as Dollar Makes Gains
07/29 Gold, Precious Metals Drop as Dollar Rallies, Crude Oil Slides
07/29 Gold Futures Fall, Pressured by Dollar's Gains
07/28 Gold, Silver Climb on Demand for Hedge Against Energy Costs
07/28 Gold Futures Edge Lower as Traders Watch Dollar, Oil
07/28 Gold Moves Above $930 An Ounce
07/25 Gold, Silver Fall as Oil Slips, Cuts Demand for Inflation Hedge
07/25 Gold Trades Lower on Falling Oil, Firmer Dollar
07/24 Gold Rises in London on Concern House Data Will Restrain Dollar
07/24 Gold Trades Marginally Higher After Recent Drop
07/23 Gold Falls as Dropping Energy Costs Cut Inflation-Hedge Demand
07/23 Gold Accelerates Losses as Oil Falls, Dollar Gains
07/23 Gold Falls More Than 2% on Dollar, Oil
07/22 Gold Falls as Eenrgy Costs Reduce Demand for Inflation Hedge
07/22 Gold Falls Sharply on Oil Drop, Dollar Strength
07/21 Metals Stocks: Gold futures edge higher as oil also gains
07/21 Report calls for NWT regulatory process reform to help mining, natural resource devel.
07/19 Oil is a commodity, gold is money - decoupling will happen
07/18 Why the mania phase in gold may be upon us
07/18 Platinum stocks under the hammer
07/18 Platinum outlook comfortably above $2000/ounce despite macro concerns
07/18 Metals Stocks: Gold futures fall more than 1% as dollar gains
07/17 Possibility of big Central Bank gold sales to help try and stabilise the dollar
07/17 Rare coins better than gold as inflation hedge
07/17 Metals Stocks: Gold futures fall, tracking tumble in oil prices
07/17 Gold edges above $970 on inflation worries
07/16 Gold Futures Edge Down as Dollar Gains Ground
07/16 Gold Falls as Drop in Energy Costs Cuts Inflation Hedge Demand
07/15 Butler: Shelter From The Storm
07/15 Gold Climbs on Demand for Alternative to Falling Dollar, Stocks
07/15 Gold Rises on Dollar Slump, Financial Sector Worries
07/14 Gold Climbs for Fourth Straight Session on Iranian Tensions
07/14 Gold Futures Rise as U.S. Dollar Pares Gains
07/14 Safe-Haven Lure Likely to Buoy Gold Over Summer Lull
07/11 Gold Jumps as Record Oil, Slumping Equities Spur Haven Demand
07/11 Gold Surges Over 2% on Rising Oil, Iran Tensions
07/10 Gold Gains on Mounting Iranian Tensions, Equity Market Slump
07/10 Gold Futures Rise as Iran Test Fires More Missiles
07/09 Gold Gains in N.Y. as Dollar Slips, Oil Rebounds; Silver Rises
07/09 Gold Prices Rise After Iran Test-Fires Missile
07/08 Gold, Silver Futures Fall on Reduced Demand for Inflation Hedge
07/08 Gold Futures Fall as Oil Declines, Dollar Gains
07/07 Gold, Silver Decline as Dollar's Climb Erodes Demand for Metals
07/07 Gold Futures Decline on Higher Dollar, Weaker Oil
07/03 FYI: The Coining of Minor Metals and the Banking of Minor Metal Bullion
07/03 Surging dollar takes shine off precious metals
07/03 Hong Kong to Bring Back Gold Futures Trading on Oct. 20
07/03 Metals Stocks: Gold futures fall as U.S. dollar rises after jobs data
07/03 Gold, Silver Fall in NY as Dollar Gains After ECB Raises Benchmark Rate
07/03 Platinum, Palladium Fall in NY on Concern High Prices May Damp Demand
07/02 Global listed gold sector on the up
07/02 Gold's rally probably won't get a summer break
07/02 Gold Futures Fall, as Traders Eye Dollar, Oil
07/01 New record gold price highs by end of year expected - Blanchard
07/01 Gold futures climb to two-and-a-half-month High
07/01 U.S. Gold Rises 1.3 Percent on Oil Rally