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Precious Metals News - December 2008

12/31 Will the New GCC Single Currency Include Gold?
12/31 Don't Miss the Coming Gold Bull
12/31 Gold eases in thin trade
12/31 Gold closes 2008 in London at $865, up nearly 3 percent on the year
12/31 Gold eases on oil but set for annual gain
12/31 Gold Shines Following Feds Fight Against Deflation
12/31 Precious metal's set to end higher for eighth year in a row
12/31 Gold Falls, Heads for Worst Year Since 2001, as Dollar Gains
12/30 New Trend for Emerging Gold Producers: Amalgamation
12/30 Gold Falls on Speculation Rally Was Overdone: Platinum Declines
12/30 Gold Investors Ending 2008 in Profit
12/30 Manipulation in the Gold and Silver Markets
12/30 The year ahead - What now for gold, silver and platinum group metals miners?
12/30 Mark Hulbert: Gold timers more bullish than they've been in five months
12/30 Gold glows as 'safe-haven' investment
12/29 Gold, base metals futures rally on crude rise
12/29 Four Reasons for an Immediate Rise in Gold
12/29 Gold stocks on track to new high
12/29 Geopolitical tensions boost safe-haven gold
12/29 Gold and Silver Market Price Manipulation
12/29 Gold Prices Rise as Tensions Mount in Middle East; Silver Jumps
12/26 Gold Rises, Heads for Third Weekly Gain; Silver, Platinum Gain
12/26 Gold set to shine
12/26 Rush for gold coins as Wall Street woes mount
12/26 Gold mostly steady
12/26 Insolvent Financial System Signals Much Higher Gold Price
12/26 Gold rises as economy sinks
12/26 Japan '08 gold exports double but retail demand up
12/26 Bernanke's Great Lie: The Gold Standard and the Great Depression
12/24 Gold steadies after early slide as dollar eases
12/24 Gold little changed amid mixed trading in dollar
12/24 Gold Rises as Investors Seek Haven; Silver, Platinum Advance
12/23 Dollar weakness and US deficit will underpin gold price
12/23 Silver Market Update
12/23 Gold Futures Fall as Commodity Slump Damps Inflation Concern
12/23 Gold slightly lower in thin pre-holiday trading
12/23 Gold Could Take-off During 2009 as Governments Print Money
12/22 Platinum Rises in N.Y. as Dollar Weakens Against Euro
12/22 2009—Likely vintage year for gold
12/22 Gold in bullish zone
12/22 Jerusalem dig finds big gold hoard from 7th century
12/22 Will COMEX Default on Gold and Silver?
12/22 Can we rest? Gold may lead the way
12/22 Gold rises as safe-haven buying continues
12/22 Gold Prices Edge Higher In Early Dealing
12/22 Gold and Precious Metals Likely to Improve in 2009
12/22 Gold Futures Climb as Dollar Declines; Silver Prices Advance
12/22 Peter Schiff: Outlook for the Gold Market
12/18 Gold and other metals fall, as dollar rebounds
12/18 Gold the Ultimate Safehaven as U.S. Dollar Crashes
12/18 Feedback on High Silver Premiums
12/18 Gold Rally Continues as Bonds Fall to Record Lows
12/18 Fed Says Buy Gold: The Start of a Bullish Pattern
12/18 Fed's Rate Cut Creates Gold Rush
12/18 Dubai's crunch-hit gold souks left to windowshoppers
12/17 Gold "Shows True Colors" as US Fed Makes Dollars Free...
12/17 Platinum, Palladium Rise in N.Y. as Weaker Dollar Boosts Demand
12/17 Investors Dump Dollars for Gold Physical Metal 
12/17 DGCX Gold Outlook 17th Dec, 08
12/17 How To Create A Diversified Gold Portfolio
12/17 Crown Forex - Technical Analysis for GOLD
12/17 Gold Fools Getting Giddy
12/17 The Safest Ways to Invest in Gold and Silver
12/17 Gold Topped All Currencies in 2008
12/16 Gold could surge as investors seek alternatives to paper assets
12/16 Gold Strong Bull Market Fundamentals
12/16 U.S. Interest Rate Cuts to Drive Gold Bull Market During 2009
12/16 Gold up on fresh buying, firm global cues
12/16 Gold is One of the Few Assets That's Up for the Year
12/16 DGCX Gold Outlook
12/16 ECB-Gold reserves drop 21 mln euros in wk
12/16 Gold steadies as dollar softens
12/16 Gold Little Changed Ahead of Fed Rate Decision; Silver Falls
12/15 Gold Investments Market Update
12/15 Gold Stocks Absurdly Undervalued!
12/15 Predictions for a Difficult Year Ahead
12/15 The Significance of Gold Backwardation
12/15 Daily gold transfers fall in November - LBMA
12/15 Gold hits two-month high as dollar falls, oil surges
12/12 Goldman Sachs ups gold forecast on dollar view, haven appeal
12/12 Platinum falls to gold's level, may boost India demand
12/12 Gold higher as dollar hits 7-wk low vs euro
12/12 Gold Rises as Central Bankers Choose Inflation Solution
12/12 Junk Silver or Junk Bonds?
12/12 Why Do Bankers Hate Gold? An Overview of Gold and the Banking System
12/12 It's Always About the Money
12/11 Gold rallies above $800 an ounce as dollar falls
12/11 Gold and platinum near parity
12/11 Precious-Metals Funds Outperform
12/11 Gold Jumps Against All Currencies
12/11 Gold fever sets in
12/11 The Bailout Glitters With Gold
12/11 What Does Backwardisation Mean for Silver Prices?
12/10 Trend of gold as store of wealth 'may start to snowball'--ScotiaMocatta
12/10 Sell Gold for Cash - Recession Buster or Just Bust?
12/10 Gold futures rise for a third session as oil rallies
12/10 Precious Metal Could Lead To Next Generation Of Cancer Treatments
12/10 Gold funds shine in November amid rally
12/10 Gold Rallies as Bond Yields Go to Zero
12/10 The Fed Still Manipulates Gold and the Markets
12/10 Gold Rises on Dollar's Drop, Commodity Rally; Silver Gains
12/09 Gold Shine On
12/09 Asia beats US in gold futures trading: Report
12/09 Retail Gold Buyers Still Face Shortages, High Mark-Ups as Global Credit...
12/09 Gold Futures Funny Pricing
12/09 SAfrica gold output falls 14.4 pct yr/yr in Oct
12/09 Gold steady after biggest daily gain in 2 wks
12/09 Gold futures little changed; other metals mixed
12/09 Platinum May Advance in 2009 on Output Cuts, Credit Suisse Says
12/08 Gold gains in broad-based commodities surge
12/08 Platinum, Palladium Climb in N.Y. as Weak Dollar Boosts Appeal
12/08 Gold -- on the Cusp
12/08 The End of the Dollar and All Fiat Currencies
12/08 Time to Revise Our Gold Expectations
12/08 Precious Metal, Osmium, Could Lead To Next Generation Of Cancer Treatments
12/05 Platinum ETF: have the Swiss stolen a march on the rest?
12/05 Gold Investments Market Update -- Bank of England considers "Nuclear Option"...
12/05 Gold production rises in Ghana, other mined commodities lower
12/05 The Case for Gold Hasn't Lost Its Luster
12/05 Gold Futures Fall, Head for Weekly Loss as Dollar Strengthens
12/04 $2,000 Gold a 'Realistic Possibility' in 2009
12/04 Gold Index Rallies for 65% Gain
12/04 India gold demand moderates, buyers await falls
12/04 The Manipulation of Gold Prices
12/04 Gold Unmoved by Historic Rate-Cuts in Europe; "Currency Debasement & Inflation...
12/04 Gold falls as rate cuts in Europe boost dollar
12/04 Gold reverses losses amid mixed trading in dollar
12/03 Analysts Are Bullish on Gold: Should You Be Worried?
12/03 The gold stock and bullion beta play
12/03 Gold falls to two-week low as dollar rises against euro, sterling
12/03 Gold Falls in New York on Deflation Concerns, Dollar Strength
12/02 Platinum Futures Rise in N.Y. on Hedge Buying; Palladium Falls
12/02 Gold, Silver Rebound After Dollar's Drop Boosts Appeal of Precious Metals
12/02 Gold rises as falling dollar increases appeal