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Precious Metals News - April 2008

04/30 Gold Declines, Heads for Second Monthly Decline Amid a Rally in the Dollar
04/30 Gold Futures Extend Decline Ahead of Fed Decision
04/30 Silver Seen Higher in Lat -08, Early -09: CPM Group
04/29 Gold, Silver Futures Drop as Dollar's Rally Erodes Demand for Commodities
04/29 Gold Futures Fall Sharply on Dollar, Oil
04/28 Gold Futures Gain in New York After Oil Rises to Record; Silver Climbs
04/28 Gold Rises as Record Crude Raises Inflation Concerns
04/28 Silver Likely to Drop Faster Than Gold Once the Dollar Stabilizes
04/28 Gold Ends Higher on Record Oil but Caution Reigns
04/26 Will dollar revival and gold decline be shortlived?
04/25 Metals: Precious Little Supply
04/25 Gold Futures Rebound in New York on Gain in Energy Costs; Silver Advances
04/25 Gold jewellery demand drops on price volatility in Q4 2007
04/25 Metal Stocks: Gold futures edge down, as dollar gains vs. rivals
04/25 Metals: Precious Little Supply
04/24 Storm in a gold teacup
04/24 Platinum may hit $2,400 an ounce this year: GFMS
04/24 Platinum Falls in N.Y. on Catalyst Replacement; Palladium Drops 
04/24 Metal Stocks: Gold futures drop 2% as dollar strengthens
04/23 Indian Traders Group Wants to Ban Futures Trading in Gold & Silver
04/23 Bears beat up on gold bullion
04/23 Gold Falls as Euro, Oil Decline From Records; Silver Slides 
04/22 Investec predicts platinum price north of $2400 by December
04/22 Butler: Then and Now
04/22 Metal Stocks: Gold futures advance on weaker dollar, rising oil
04/22 Gold, Silver Climb as Surging Oil, Euro Spur Investor Demand for Metals
04/21 Metals Stocks: Gold futures gain, as dollar falls
04/21 Got Gold Report - Popular Silver Demand Surging in U.S.
04/21 Gold tests $950 again and found wanting
04/21 Gold Rises as Dollar Extends Slide; Silver Erases Earlier Drop
04/21 Govt may fix gold prices for global market
04/21 Gold hedging falls 8 pct in Oct-Dec 2007 - report
04/18 Gold Is Not Going To Crash Vaughn
04/18 Metals Stocks: Gold futures decline sharply as dollar rallies
04/18 Gold Falls Most in Two Weeks as Dollar Rebounds Against Euro; Silver Drops
04/17 How much risk is gold discounting?
04/17 Gold, Silver Futures Fall in New York After Dollar Rebounds Against Euro
04/17 Gold Futures Edge Down as Dollar Strengthens
04/16 Rush to Silver if you want to make Moolah
04/16 Platinum Supply to Remain in Deficit in 2008
04/16 Miners are the winners as consumers buy metals at almost any price
04/16 Gold, Silver Futures Climb as Dollar Falls to All-Time Low Against Euro
04/16 Gold Futures Rally 2% as Dollar Falls Sharply
04/15 Gold Climbs in New York as Record Energy Costs Trigger Inflation Concerns
04/15 Gold Futures Edge Higher, as Crude Oil Hits Record
04/15 High gold prices encourage miners to reconsider more difficult projects
04/15 Gold, Silver Recover on Higher Global Cues
04/14 Gold, Silver Futures Rally in New York as Dollar Declines Against Euro
04/14 Gold Gains as Dollar Falls; Other Metals Mixed
04/11 Gold, Silver Drop in New York on Signs Rally in Precious Metals May Stall
04/11 Gold Futures Decline; Other Metals Also Trade Lower
04/10 Gold, Silver Decline as Euro Pares Gain, Reducing Appeal of Precious Metal
04/10 Gold Futures Drop; Other Metals Mostly Lower
04/10 IMF to Sell 12% Gold for Funds
04/10 Precious Metal Surprise: Silver a Real Comer
04/09 Gold, Silver Futures Rebound in New York as Dollar Weakens Against Euro
04/09 Gold Futures Rally, as Dollar Drops vs. Rivals
04/08 Gold Falls as Lower Oil Cost Cuts Demand for Inflation Hedge; Silver Drops
04/08 Gold Drops Over 1% as IMF Announces Gold Sales
04/08 Comex Gold Softer Due to Crude, Dollar Moves
04/07 Gold, Silver Climb as Surging Food, Energy Costs Spur Inflation Concerns
04/07 Gold Futures Soar 2%; Other Metals Also Rise
04/07 Gold Edges Higher as Weak U.S. Payrolls Keeps Pressure on Dollar
04/04 Gold, Little Changed in New York, May Rise as Dollar Declines, Oil Climbs
04/04 Gold Gains in Wake of Disappointing Jobs Data
04/04 NY Gold Futures Turn Higher on Weak US Payrolls
04/03 Gold Rises for Second Day on Speculation Dollar Gain Against Euro to Stall
04/03 Gold Futures Rally as Dollar Slips After Jobs Data
04/02 Gold Futures Rise on Speculation Dollar's Rally Against Euro Might Stall
04/02 Gold Edges Up as Dollar Loses Steam
04/01 Another Look at the Bull Market in Commodities
04/01 Gold Sinks Below $900
04/01 Gold Futures Tumble Over 4% as Dollar Rallies
04/01 Opening Glance: Gold Companies Fall
04/01 Butler: Real Regulatory Reform