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The Crash Course by Chris Martenson

In "The Crash Course", Chris Martenson presents an in-depth consideration of the Economy, Energy, and the Environment. Not only does he explain the fundamental causes of the current economic crisis, but he also demonstrates how the problems facing the economy are related to concurrent issues regarding our sources of energy and climate change. The information provided is eye-opening and vital to understanding the world in which we live and how that world will change in the near future. Presented as a concise and easy-to-understand video production in language accessible to all, The Crash Course is an attempt to inform as many people as possible about the problems we face, and action we can take in response.

The Crash Course

Chris Martenson’s Crash Course is a coherent, rigorously factual, and easily digestible movie presenting the information he has gathered over the past five years relating the interdependence of our economy, environment, and energy systems – the three “E”s.

The first “E” is the Economy, which is the lens through which the Crash Course looks at everything. Within the Economy, there are four primary areas of concern: Exponential money, the first-ever collapse of a global credit binge, an aging population, and a national failure to save.

The next “E” is Energy, and discussion revolves around the implications of Peak Oil for an economic system that is based on continual expansion. This is a highly important topic.

And finally, the third “E”, the Environment, will be exerting its own unknowable but certainly significant economic burdens, due to shrinking resources and other systemic pressures, at the same time that the other two “E”s will be clamoring for your money and attention.

Chris Martenson’s goal is to shed light on the limits of our present economic model of infinite growth as we increasingly face the realities of a planet with finite resources. He seeks to lay out possible paths for our future and to provide people with tools and information so that they will be better able to make informed choices.