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Precious Metals Library

A selection of interesting articles and reports discussing precious metals, hyperinflation and currencies.

Why the Gold Sector, Why Now? by The Global Speculator

Precious Metals Investing: Gold Outlook for 2010 by Nick Barisheff

Robert Kiyosaki Bullish on Gold and SIlver by The Global Speculator

The ABC's of Canadian Stock Investing by Casey Research

The 8 P's of Resource Stock Evaluation by Casey Research

Gold and Australia's Monetary Inflation Delusion by The Global Speculator

Lessons of History by Murray Pollitt, Pollitt & Co
There are some advantages to getting older, one of which is, if you are lucky, that past memories can help today’s analysis. Not always, and usually with a few twists. But today we will bet that the gold market is similar in many ways to 1972.

Gold... the Ultimate Triple-A Asset by Eric Sprott & Maria Smirnova

Public Meeting to Examine Futures and Options Trading in the Metals Markets on March 25, 2010
Watch the entire CFTC hearing here.

Panel One:
Dan Berkovitz, General Counsel, CFTC
Public Meeting to Examine Futures and Options Trading in the Metals Markets

Speculative Position Limits and Metals - A Brief Regulatory History

Steve Sherrod, Division of Market Oversight, CFTC
General statistical information regarding gold, silver and copper markets
   Panel Three:
Tom Callahan, NYSE Euronext
Testimony of Tom Callahan, CEO NYSE Liffe U.S. NYSE Euronext

Dr. Henry G. Jarecki, Gresham Investment Management

Bill Murphy, Gold Antitrust Action Committee
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) statement to expose and oppose the manipulation and suppression of the price of precious metals

Kevin Norrish, Barclays Capital

John Lothian, John Lothian & Co.
Panel Two:
Jeff Burghardt, Luvata
Vice President, North American Metal Procurement and Global Utilities

Jeremy Charles, HSBC Bank USA
Examination of Futures and Options Trading in the Metals Markets

Tom LaSala, CME Group
Meeting on Metals Position Limits and Hedge Exemptions

Mark Epstein, Individual Trader
Perspective of an individual trader in the futures markets

Lending Guidance fro LME Metals

Diarmuid O’Hegarty, London Metals Exchange
  Panel Four:
Richard Strait, Triland USA, Mitsubishi Corporation
Consideration of position limits placed on US metals futures contracts

Simon Grenfell, Deutsche Bank

Mike Masters, Masters Capital
Discussion of speculative position limits for metals

Harvey Organ, Individual Investor
Comments for the Commission for the Public Hearing on the Metals Markets

Jeffrey Christian, CPM Group
Commodities Research, Consulting, Asset Management, and Investment Banking

Precious Metals Investing: Preserve Your Wealth with Precious Metals by Nick Barisheff

Gold Stock Valuation using Enterprise Value per Ounce by The Global Speculator

Precious Metals Investing: Rethinking Asset Allocation by Nick Barisheff

The Speculator’s Secrets to Profiting in the Gold Bull Market by Casey Research

The Gold Storage Solution - Switzerland by Casey Research

Not Free, Not Fair: The Long-Term Manipulation of the Gold Price by John Embry & Andrew Hepburn

Good Things Come in Small Packages - Is Silver Too Bulky? by David Morgan

The Silver Millionaire by David Morgan