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Buy Gold Now - How and why to buy gold

Buy Gold Now: Why should you buy gold? How do you buy gold? Investment expert Shayne McGuire explains how to profit from this precious metal and how buying gold can protect you from financial risk. Read more about Buy Gold Now >

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Complimentary Investments

Governments’ easy money policies can have profound effects on the long-term value of many of your investments. Monetary policy can erode cash value, and any asset denominated in cash value.

WhichWayGold seeks to protect your wealth against the depreciation of fiat, paper money, currencies, notably the U.S. dollar and the British pound. The value of the dollar and the pound have fallen around 98% over the last 100 years and there is nothing to suggest that this trend will reverse, especially in light of these easy money policies and quantitative easing.

WhichWayGold recommends allocating a portion of your portfolio to physical gold, silver and platinum bullion, which will become increasingly desirable and marketable as the great inflation plays out. This allocation of physical precious metals can be complimented with a position in precious metals stocks, which offer leverage to the price of bullion and are highly liquid.

But what do you do with the rest of your portfolio? You are not safe in paper assets denominated in dollars or pounds, which takes out the majority of stocks, bonds and savings accounts. This section runs through a number of options for protecting your wealth using real, tangible, hard assets and the hard currencies of countries pursuing “sound” monetary policy.

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